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Cold Formed Section

Secondary members are load-carrying members suitable to ensure the stability of the building against forces from all directions.

Purlins and Girts are structural members made up of cold formed steel Z & C sections which are supported on columns, rafters or building walls. They can be lapped and nested at the supports, to create a continuous beam configuration. They are placed under the roof, wall and the perimeter of the building, and serve as supports to the roof sheeting and wall cladding.

These Include:

Roof Purlins

Roof purlins are cold-formed Z profiles. Z purlins are most unique cold roll formed sections used to fix roof and side claddings, normally 200 to 250 mm deep out of 1.6 to 3.15 mm thick steel. The higher Zxx value gives more stability in lateral direction and thus minimizes saving.

Wall Girts
Eave Sturts
Wall grits are cold-formed Z sections, normally 200 to 250 mm deep out of 1.6 to 3.15 mm thick steel.

These are fixed to the outer flange of the side wall column with the help of clips.
Eave Struts are typically constructed from cold formed 'C' sections and are rolled to suit the roof slope. Their primary function is to support the gutters and also to act as a junction of the roof and the wall cladding.

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